Innovate your products to create new value for your customers and for your business.

How do you ensure continuous
product innovation?

Product Innovation: Understand Your Customers' Needs

Understand your customers’ needs.

Product Innovation: Research And Experiment Product Solutions.

Research and experiment with new solutions.

Product Innovation: Measure Success And Re-iterate.

Measure success and re-iterate.

Innovate better and get results faster.

MATERIA is a product innovation coaching firm working with startups at growth stage and highly innovative enterprises willing to continuously create new value for their customers and for their business.

MATERIA was founded by Paolo Petrolini, a product innovation coach with well over a decade of experience in product innovation management and strategic product management. Paolo has served for 10 years at Google as the Head of Trust & Safety in Switzerland and he is founder and product advisor to a number of fast growing startups in Europe and Asia.

Are you a startup founder, a product leader or an innovation executive who wants to create new customer and business value for your business?

You’ve come to the right place!

Paolo coaches both executives and their teams on how to develop their products to reach their full business potentials by effectively blending product discovery, design thinking and lean methodologies.

We support you in your journey to product innovation and business success.

Behind every successful product there is a team of people that work tirelessly to address a real customer need. After reaching product market-fit many companies stop innovating their products, creating a gap with the competition or, even worse, leading the business to an inevitable failure.

At MATERIA we help executives and their teams to replicate earlier success with new product and improved product features, while growing the core business as effective and fast as possible.

Product Innovation Hands-on Workshops

Product Innovation Workshops

Product innovation is a complicated discipline that spans across many different aspects of a business, including strategic product management, innovation management and change management.

Throughout the year, Paolo Petrolini runs product innovation workshops mixing real world case studies with hands-on exercises, to make sure you go home with a product innovation blueprint ready for implementation.

Please visit our workshops page for a complete list of our upcoming events.

Product Innovation Sprints

Product Innovation Sprints

If your company or your product teams are struggling with identifying how to create new customer value and business growth, we can help you by offering a 3-to-5 days product innovation sprint to look both at the organizational and product changes required to boost and disrupt your business.

Paolo Petrolini runs product innovation sprints only with startups at growth stage or with highly innovative enterprises that are fully committed to question the status quo in their company and that are already familiar with some of the design thinking methodologies.

Product Innovation Executives Coaching

Product Innovation Executives Coaching

If you are a startup founder, a product leader or an innovation executive struggling with building and nurturing a product innovation culture in your company or organization, we can help you by supporting you with tailored made 1:1 coaching with Paolo Petrolini.

Paolo works only with executives of growth stage startups or of highly innovative enterprises who have been previously exposed to product discovery, design thinking and lean methodologies but they have struggled in deploying them in their company or organization.

About Paolo Petrolini.

Paolo Petrolini: Ex-Google, Entrepreneur, Product Innovation Coach

MATERIA Product Innovation was founded by Paolo Petrolini. Paolo is a recognised product innovation coach who has over a decade of experience in product innovation management and strategic product management, having served as the Head of Trust & Safety at Google in Switzerland, leading an international team of product specialists, program managers, data scientists and user experience researchers working on cutting edge product solutions.

Paolo is the CTO of Digital Nomads LTD, an engineering-driven marketing firm focusing an the APAC region,co-founder of Salarify, a fast growing fintech startup in Europe and product advisor to a number of fast growing tech startups in Europe.

Lastly, Paolo is a recognised mentor and trainer in the Startup community in Europe and Asia, being actively involved in the Mass Challenge, Kickstart Accelerator and Google Launchpad.

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